(2017) IRG 1: Controlling Metastable Complex Semiconductors through Chemistry

(2017) IRG 2: Controlling Molecular Ordering in Glasses

(2017) IRG 3: Synthesis of Non-Spherical Particles using Partially-Filled Polymeric Shells

(2017) IRG 3: Molecular Replicas of "Point" Defects Reveal them to be "Rings"

(2017) Education: UW MRSEC Researchers, Teachers, and Game Developers Create Materials Science Digital Games

(2017) Education: MRSEC Members Teach the Public about Materials Science during the Wisconsin Science Festival

(2017) Seed: Computing the Shapes and Dynamics of Deformable Bodies in Nematic Liquid Crystals

(2017) Seed: Nucleation and Growth Kinetics of Amorphous SrTiO3: A Step Towards New Architectures

(2017) Seed: Ultra-Thin ZnO Nanosheets Grown by Adaptive Ionic Layer Epitaxy at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces

(2017) Student Seed: Computational Search for Materials for Commercializable High-efficiency Solar Cells

(2017) Facilities: Broader Impacts of Wisconsin MRSEC Shared Facilities

(2017) Industrial Outreach: Industry Outreach Efforts of the Wisconsin MRSEC

(2016) Interdisciplinary Computational Group: Undergraduates Apply Informatics Tools to Transform Materials Science in the "Informatics Skunkworks"

(2016) Facilities: MRSEC Shared Facilities: A Vital Resource

(2016) Education: Wisconsin MRSEC Outreach Impacts 255,000 People This Year!

(2016) IRG 3: Templating Nanomaterials from Defects in Liquid Crystals

(2016) IRG 1: Expanding the Palette of Useful Semiconductors

(2016) IRG 1: Full Circle of Innovation in Instrumentation: Atomic Level Imaging

(2015) Seed: AtomTouch: A Molecular Simulation App to Change the Way Students Learn About Atoms

(2015) Interdisciplinary Computation Group: Genetic Algorithm Optimisation of Defect Cluster in Crystalline Materials

(2015) IRG 3: Complex Fluids Make Non-Spherical Particle Synthesis Easy!

(2015) IRG 2: Exceptional Exciton Spectroscopy

(2015) IRG 2: Donor-Fullerene Interface Electrostatic Profiles

(2015) IRG 1: Atom-Scale Distribution of Solute in New Bi-Containing Semiconductors

(2014) Seed: Strongly-coupled Organic-Inorganic Composites for Singlet Fission Devices

(2014) Seed: RecA Binding to Anionic Membranes: Interplay between Electrostatics and Hydrophobic Insertion

(2014) Seed: Influence of Structure on Glass Forming Ability of Metallic Alloys

(2014) Seed: Enhancement of Sensitivity in Piezoelectric Systems: Experiment

(2014) Interdisciplinary Computation Group: Multiscale modeling of III-V semiconductor materials

(2014) Industrial Outreach: Advanced Materials Industrial Consortium (AMIC)

(2014) IRG 3: Ordering and Wetting Transitions of Liquid Crystals "Caged" Within Partially-Filled Polymeric Capsules

(2014) IRG 3: Bioinspired Design of Reconfigurable, Anisometric and/or Patchy Particles

(2014) IRG 2: Structured Monolayers of Molecular Donors

(2014) IRG 2: Formation of Large Area Aligned Arrays of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes

(2014) IRG 1: Atomic-level Incorporation Kinetics in GaAs1-yBiy

(2014) IRG 1/Interdisciplinary Computation Group: GaAs1-y-zPyBiz - New Near Lattice-Matched Materials to GaAs

(2014) Facilities: Cameca LEAP Atom Probe at UW Madison

(2014) Education: The UW MRSEC Teaches High School Students to Synthesize Graphene by Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

(2013) IRG3: Colloid-in-Liquid Crystal Gels Formed via Spinodal Decomposition

(2013) IRG 3: Membrane Strain in Bacteria Influences the Organization and Function of the Recombination Repair Enzyme RecA

(2013) IRG 2: Monolayers of Organic Semiconductors with High Hole Mobility

(2013) IRG 2: Controlling the Conductivity of ZnO Thin Films using Surface Chemistry

(2013) IRG 1: Determination of Bi Concentration at the Atomic-level in GaAs1-yBiy

(2013) IRG 1: Self-Catalytic Growth of GaAs1-yBiy using Chemical Vapor Deposition

(2013) Facilities: Shared Experimental Facilities: New and Regionally Unique Instruments in Wisconsin MRSEC Shared Facilities Available to Researchers via the Materials Research Facilities Network

(2013) Facilities: Industrial Outreach: Regional Partnering of Wisconsin MRSEC with Industry

(2012) IRG 2: Controlling the Conductivity of ZnO Thin Films using Surface Chemistry

(2012) IRG 2: Adding a Dimension to the Infrared Spectra of Interfaces using Heterodyne Detected 2D Sum-Frequency Generation (HD 2D SFG) Spectroscopy

(2012) Education: Science Show from Puerto Rico Wows Madison Audiences

(2011) UW MRSEC Hosts Two National Events for NISE Net Museum Educators

(2011) Transport in Ultra-Thin Silicon Membranes

(2011) Semiconductor Nanomembrane Tubes: Three-Dimensional Confinement for Controlled Neurite Outgrowth

(2011) Phonon Scattering in Intrinsic Graphene using Tight-binding Bloch Waves

(2011) Mechanisms of Organic/Inorganic Interface Formation

(2011) Bridge-Dependent Interfacial Electron Transfer

(2010) UW MRSEC and NSF Share Everyday Applications and Cutting-Edge Research with a Broad Audience at the 2010 AAAS Annual Meeting

(2010) Summer REU Program

(2010) New CryoTEM capability in MSC

(2010) Industrial Consortium Growth and Activities