• Poster Session

    The 2014 UWAMIC Annual Meeting was held in September 2014. The joint NSEC-MRSEC Industrial Consortium established connections with students, faculty, and facilities staff.

  • UW-MRSEC and NSEC members join UPRM at NanoDays

    UW-MRSEC Executive Committee join research partners at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez for NanoDays

  • IRG 3 Banner

    Researchers at IRG3 explore the complex interplay of curvature strain, surface anchoring, and topological effects within Liquid Crystal droplets.

  • Graduate Students at the UW MRSEC

    Graduate Students at the UW MRSEC attending an ice cream social

  • IRG 2 Highlight

    IRG 2 have recently developed a novel yet simple method to deposit aligned single-walled carbon nanotubes on substrates.

  • MRSEC faculty help direct the UW Computational Materials Group

    MRSEC faculty help direct the UW Computational Materials Group

  • IRG 1 Highlight

    The IRG 1 has developed a new material as an alternative to the nitride-based bismide materials.

  • Students from all over the world take part in the MRSEC REU program.

    The MRSEC Research Experience for Undergraduates program includes participation from students from Japan and China.

The NSF-sponsored Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the University of Wisconsin – Madison (UW MRSEC) is focused on the fundamental study of the structure and properties of interfaces at the nanoscale level of atoms and molecules. It is doing so across a wide array of materials platforms, from inorganic semiconducting materials to liquid crystals with engineered defects. The Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRGs) and SEED projects are built on the existing strong base of expertise at UW-Madison, collaborating industries, and national laboratories. The Interdisciplinary Computation Group (ICG) promotes synergies between computational scientists across IRGs. The UW MRSEC Education Group (IEG) creates and distributes a broad range of educational products that are widely used for K-12 and college-level instruction on topics that build on the center’s materials science discoveries and expertise. More information can be found on the mrsec.org brochure found here.

Please acknowledge the MRSEC in your publications.  



(2015) IRG 1: Atom-Scale Distribution of Solute in New Bi-Containing Semiconductors

(2015) IRG 2: Exceptional Exciton Spectroscopy

(2015) IRG 3: Complex Fluids Make Non-Spherical Particle Synthesis Easy!

(2015) Seed: AtomTouch: A Molecular Simulation App to Change the Way Students Learn About Atoms

(2014) IRG 2: Structured Monolayers of Molecular Donors

(2014) IRG1: New Near Lattice-Matched Materials to GaAs

(2014) IRG2: Formation of Large Area Aligned Arrays of Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes

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Events and Announcements

Announcement: Congrats to IRG3 Professor Qiang Cui on receiving a Kellett Mid-Career Award at UW-Madison. to recognize exceptional mid-career faculty.

Event: The AMIC Shared Instrument Facilities Open House is January 28th, 2016. more information
Announcement: International Research Opportunities for Undergraduates, Summer 2016. more information

Event: Fall Info Session for Summer 2016 Research Exchange opportunities on 11/19. more information

Announcement:  The deadline for submitting a MRSEC Seed Proposal is Monday, Nov 2, 2015. more information

Announcement: Congratulations to the MRSEC Faculty members who have received Research Innovation Committee Awards in 2014 and 2015.  more information

Announcement: MRSEC Faculty Padma Gopalan and Irena Knezevic receive Romnes Fellowships. more information

Announcement: International Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in Summer 2015. more information